Group / Company Pension Plans

Company Pension Plans & Group Pension Benefits

Let us help you create compensation strategies and programs that ensure you can compete for, and keep, the best talent while managing the costs to do so.

However, to be effective, strategic pension planning must occur within the context of the organization’s overall business plan.

Great West’s pension consulting services cover every aspect of pension administration including:

  • Increase efficiencies and manage plan costs
  • Adjust program offerings or features to deliver the most perceived value
  • Pension valuations
  • Gain and loss analysis
  • Review plan design and benchmark benefits
  • Document preparation
  • Automate and streamline plan administration
  • Leverage new pension legislation to support HR and organizational goals
  • Educate employees about pension plan offerings

Let’s talk about creating a Pension Plan program that meets your organization’s short- and long-term strategic plans.