Insurance Services

With rising costs, you need an employee benefit plan that is easy to administer and provides quality coverage to protect your workforce.

At Great West Insurance Services, our goal is to provide impactful, client-focused solutions.

Let us act as your advocate and help you provide the most benefit-rich plans and packages for your employees.

Group Benefits Packages

Develop a Group Benefits Plan with the right mix of plan benefits

Whether you are setting up a new benefits program or managing or modifying an existing one, Great West Insurance Services will help you:

  • Develop a group benefits plan with the right mix of plan benefits
  • Provide recommendations for improvement
  • Explore the right funding methods that balance needs and risk tolerance
  • Educate employees on plan benefits
  • Make administration seamless for HR
  • Handle any employee claims that arise

Group Insurance Plans

Offer employees a more secure future with a Group Insurance Plan that provides peace of mind

As an expert extension of your HR staff, we put your financial and employment interests first and offer professional guidance on:

  • Plan design
  • Plan management
  • Consulting on group insurance offerings

We can handle all aspects of your insurance plan program including:

  • Reviewing your current insurance plan offerings
  • Helping you find solutions that attract top talent while keeping costs in line

Group / Company Pension Plans

Great West’s Pension Consulting Services cover all aspects of pension administration

We are here to help you create compensation strategies and programs that ensure you can compete for, and keep, the best talent while managing the costs to do so.

However, to be effective, strategic pension planning must occur within the context of the organization’s overall business plan.

Group Retirement Services

Great West Insurance develops and supports Comprehensive Retirement Solutions for our clients

The right retirement plan should take into account business needs as well as employee concerns—and help your employees and executives plan for retirement.

Rely on our experience to help you with all aspects of retirement plan management including:

  • Investments
  • Legislation
  • Compliance
  • Cost control
  • Reporting requirements
  • Ethics and more


Help your employees plan and save for their retirement

Let us help you take advantage of RRSP benefits for your employees.