What Group Health Insurance Services Are Available from GreatWealth Insurance Services?

August 10, 2017

Here at GreatWealth Insurance Services, we’re trying to be a different -and better- type of insurance broker.  Our goal is to match up each of our clients to the best possible group health insurance policies, aimed at saving them money in both the short term and the long term!

These are just a few of the ways we’re offering superior benefits and overall value to our clients.

4 Ways That GreatWealth Does Group Health Insurance Better

  1. We’re focused on getting you the best long-term value.

It’s extremely typical in the insurance industry for plans to be priced such that they’re cheaper in the first year, but then the rates rise over time.  Some insurance brokers will use this to pitch extremely inexpensive-sounding plans that will end up costing far more than the client expects!

We are completely upfront and transparent about what the fees will be in the long run.  In this way, we can offer true value – not just the illusion of value.

  1. Group plan design and implementation.

Since we have connections to all seven of the major health insurance companies in Canada, that means we have great ability to pick and choose the best insurance products to meet your needs.  We don’t try to sell one-size-fits-all insurance packages.  We’ll work with you to analyze your business and find the perfect combination of insurance products, benefits, and costs to meet your business needs and your budget.

  1. Negotiation onyour behalf.

We believe that we’ll grow our company by making plenty of satisfied customers who are legitimately getting great bargains through our services – not by trying to slip in higher commissions for ourselves.  We’ll negotiate on your behalf with all our insurance partners to get you the best possible prices on the plans we put together.

  1. HR auditing services are available.

It’s vital that a company have their books strictly in line when they’re managing employee funds for benefits packages.  Our experts can work with you to conduct HR audits so that you can demonstrate to your workforce that their benefits are being handled legally and responsibly.


This is just a taste of the wide range of insurance services we can offer you here at GreatWealth.  To see our level of value for yourself, contact us at 888 990 0881 to get a quote.