Estate Planning

Estate planning is about life – in the present and in the future. Most importantly, estate planning is about the life of your family and loved ones – and the peace of mind you get from helping to preserve their financial security.

By its very nature, estate planning is a difficult subject to discuss and even more so to plan for because it forces us to come to terms with our own mortality. Yet it’s something you need to talk about openly with your loved ones today because you can’t do so after you’re gone – or after they’re gone.

Retirement Savings

Business owners and other highly paid employees have additional options to save for retirement. Individual Pension Plans, Retirement Compensation Arrangements and Insured Retirement Programs can provide additional options to eligible persons.

Life Insurance

There are many ways that businesses can use life insurance to enhance their organizations. Your company may utilize life insurance to protect itself against the loss of important executives, attract and retain high quality employees, and even compensate partners in a unique low-cost manner.

Succession Planning

You’ve either realized that it is time to make an exit, or you have come to understand that the day will certainly come. How do you address all of the concerns surrounding this seemingly monumental task?

Who will take proper care of what you have built? A family member? A competitor? There are other options too.