About Us

GreatWealth Insurance Services is a company active in:

We’re local to the Greater Vancouver area.

Through our partnership with Apri Insurance Services we are also across Canada and into the United States.

Our combined size is the representation of some 5000 Canadian Corporations.

We have significant blocks of business with every major benefits carrier.

Our Staff


    Insurance Advisor

    I come to the table with over a decade of experience in all manner of financial arenas and products. I have done every conceivable job in the financial world over that time, and that experience gives a great deal of insight across all of the inner workings of how things are best structured for the real world.

    My work in insurance based products has included policies from the very small into the several million dollar range, with both individuals and corporations.

    My focus now is to use my knowledge to the greatest benefit for my clients that I can.


    Executive Assistant Marketing

    I worked for a Fortune 500 company for over 25 years before joining GreatWealth. As a team player, my reputation for interpersonal communication, as well as my listening and communication skills, led me to join this wonderful team.

    I enjoy new challenges, and setting goals, and take great pride when those goals are achieved.

    As a solo traveller I have challenged myself to experience new languages and cultures. The humbling experience of being a “stranger in a strange land” helped me develop a strong sense of empathy with others. I am very much a people person.


    Executive Assistant Operations

    Curiosity has always carved a new path for me. One that has opened my eyes to different aspects of life, both professional and personal. Curiosity led me to discover my passion for my career choice and my love for exploring the wilderness, all while keeping my mind open to new ideas.

    Working and volunteering with several different organizations has given me the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people. From that experience I have developed a strong foundation in leadership, communication and teamwork.

Our Philosophy

People make the difference, and good people can be hard to find

When you know your staff are what makes your business what it is, taking care of them is just smart business.

Implementing a program of benefits and a group pension or RRSP ensures that coverage is there when it’s needed most. It also helps relieve some of the day to day pressures of saving for the future.

We strongly advocate a planned future which includes “what if” considerations. Because a truly catastrophic event should not add financial stress to a time of emotional stress.

We begin with listening. These services are not about what we want, they are about what the management and staff of the companies we serve need.

Once we have listened and you feel that we understand each other, we can move forward. By careful analysis and evaluation we can develop plans that meet your actual needs. No matter how much wealth you may have, being sensible can be hard work.