5 Ways We Can Help Small Businesses Get Group Health Insurance

November 01, 2017

Here at Great Wealth Insurance Services, we want to make group health insurance affordable to businesses of all sizes.  It’s getting increasingly hard for smaller operations to compete for top talent against larger organizations that can offer substantial benefits packages.  We’re here to help level that playing field.

Small group health insurance plans are becoming increasingly affordable; particularly if you work through a firm that can help you put together custom packages that fit your needs.  Thanks to the wide range of options in group health insurance available, virtually any small business can find affordable solutions.

How Great Wealth Helps Small Businesses Find Group Health Insurance That Fits Their Budget

  1. Negotiating with all the major providers

We have connections with all the major insurance providers in Canada.  This means we are not offering “one size fits all” packages.  Quite the opposite, we can negotiate and work the various companies against each other to create affordable small business group health insurance packages. These will mix-and-match options to fit your specific needs.

  1. Sensible advices and strategies

Since we target smaller businesses, we understand the needs of smaller businesses.  We aren’t going to try to sell you on policies and packages that are outside your budget, because the key is sustainability.  We want you to find group health solutions that you can continue to offer year after year, and only upgrade once your company is in a stable position to do so.

  1. Administrative services

One of the “hidden costs” of offering a benefits package is that maintaining it can sometimes add substantially to your HR and administrative costs.  We don’t want this to be an issue for you. We offer administrative services and claims processing, specifically to take the burden off of your own staff.  That further reduces the overall costs, as well as ensuring your HR workload doesn’t suddenly balloon.

  1. Both voluntary and mandatory packages available

Sometimes a business -or its employees- aren’t in a position to all join into shared small group health insurance plans.  That’s why we include the option for voluntary benefits which your workers can choose to take part in, or not, based on their own situation.  This is particularly helpful if you have a lot of part-time staff.

  1. Pension and retirement services available too

Looking further down the line?  We can help you set up a full range of benefits beyond basic group insurance packages.  Longer-term insurance, pension plans, and retirement packages are also options you can explore.

Improve Your Benefits Offerings with Great Wealth

We want to see every one of our clients succeed and grow, with better hires attracted by superior benefits packages.  Contact Great Wealth Insurance Services today to get started.