GreatWealth Insurance Services is a company specializing in Corporate Insurance, with expertise in:
Group Benefits, Group Pensions and Insurance.

Let Us Help You Give Your Employees
the Most Benefit-rich Plans & Packages

Find an Employee Benefit Plan that is:

  • Easy to Administer
  • Provides Quality Coverage to protect your workforce

Provide Your Employees with the most Benefit-rich:

Meet Your Objectives & Goals, whether you are:

  • Starting a New Program
  • Reviewing the Coverage of an Existing Program
  • Providing Education and Support to Employees

Our Commitments To You

  • Give the Best Possible Advice

    This is not about what we want, but what you need. Expect to receive the benefit of a broad perspective.

  • Get it Done & Get it Done on Time

    You need a relationship with people that get things done when you need them done. We are those people.

  • Our Word is Our Bond to You

    We do what say and we do it exactly as, and when, promised. If something is ever overlooked, we correct it immediately.

  • Your Concerns are Our Concerns

    We are here to listen to you. The insurance world doesn’t always make sense, but we are here to make it understandable.

Featured Insurance Services

Group Benefit Packages

We can review your current benefits plan and provide alternate solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your business.

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Group Insurance Plans

An image signifying that insurance protects workers from injury and unforeseen circumstance
Choose an insurance plan with the right fit of coverage and funding to meet your workforce needs and risk tolerance.

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Group/Company Pension Plans

People putting coins in a piggy bank symbolizing the effect of a Pension Plan
Your employees deserve the best pension plan, but it doesn’t have to cost more. We can help you cut costs, retain employees, and simplify administration.

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Group Retirement Services

A close-up of a spreadsheet from a Retirement Plan
Retirement plans can be intricate and complex. We provide retirement planning, design, implementation, and administration consulting.

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